An increasing number of people have started to realize that they can enjoy today’s luxuries and the independence of off power grid living at the same time.

What is Off Power Grid living?

Off power grid living basically means that you are disconnected from the power grid. Not only is living off the power grid good for the environment and inexpensive, but it is an option open to almost anyone owning a home.

The idea of living off the power grid applies to anyone, regardless of where they are in the world, even those that are connected to the grid. With the advance of solar, wind and hydro power technologies and better economies of scale, there is an increasing interest in getting off the grid, and breaking free from the carbon emitting power plants.

And with the help of various DIY solar and wind power kits, it is possible for any motivated individual to get off the grid, without the help of over-priced expert installations. As energy demands increase worldwide, those living off the grid can rest easy, knowing their power bills are decreasing.

Off power grid living can be scary for a few, who think they have sacrifice their way of life – their favorite electric gadgets, television, computers, and other energy consuming appliances – to enjoy such independence and freedom. But this could not be farther from the truth! Off power grid living is essentially learning to be aware and control your energy usage.

It can be as simple as turning off a light switch when you leave the room, buying energy saving appliances – such as washing machines and refrigerators. Other ways you could save power is by turning off your computer or TV properly. This does not mean putting them on standby, but physically unplugging them from the wall. Starting to live off the grid does not mean giving up all your electronic devices, but merely using them more wisely to save power.

Off the grid living has become big, that even portable high-efficiency homes, are being built to be independent of the utilities. Similar to mobile homes, the one to two person homes have solar panels, solar water heating and some natural gas, making them portable off grid homes.

If living off the power grid is something you have wanted to learn more about, then a good place to start is on the Internet.

There a many helpful resources and stories of everyday people successfully going off the grid. Just think about it – no more power outages, no more electricity bills, complete independence from the utilities.

Off power grid living is there for anyone to try, and you can start todayArticle Submission, regardless of who and where you are.